Multiplication by an integer constant

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No need to calculate anything in VHDL. No friend requests.

Exponents of 1 and 0

Thank you. Are you sure you need the output as "float"?

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Try to use integer or fixed point multiplication. I need the output as "integer" Arun.

Multiplying Fractions 2

Thus here my "hardware style" explanation: depending on what accuracy you need I recommend to replace it with integer multiplication. Example: 0. You can do this without floating values at all. To encourage me to help more, click on "Helpful Post" if you feel that I've helped you.

Multiplierless Constant Multiplication

Verilog - Float bit to real conversion 2. Float point multiplication by microcontroller 1. Part and Inventory Search. Welcome to EDABoard.

Multiplication by a constant integer - Nesdev wiki

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Multiplying a variable with a constant without using multiplication operator

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