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After a glamorous young TV soap star dies in a car crash, all eyes are on Detective Geraldine Steel to discover what caused the tragic accident. Another driver was involved in the collision but seems to have miraculously walked away unscathed and has Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel returns in an exhilarating case of grisly murder in London When a successful businessman is brutally murdered, the police suspect his glamorous wife and her young lover. But when the victim's business partner suffe When three dead bodies are discovered in Detective Ian Peterson's hometown of Kent, it becomes clear that a vicious killer is on the loose.

And without his trusted colleague, Detective Geraldine Steel, by his side, Ian's left to take the lead on a co Two brutal murders. No witnesses. The battered bodies of two young girls are discovered in North London, one shortly after the other.

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Desperate to avoid hysteria in the community, the police struggle to make a quick arrest before the deranged kille Another thrilling case featuring Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel When the corpse of Abigail Kirby is discovered, police are shocked to learn that the victim's tongue was cut out while she lay dying.

Then, shortly after coming forward, a witness i The Murder Investigation Team are called in to investigate, but the case takes on a new and terrib Geraldine Steel expects the quiet town of Woolsmarsh to be dull. She quickly discovers she is wrong.

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The park is a place where children play, friends sit and gossip, people walk their dogs, or take a short cut to avoid the streets. But in the sh We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. Seller Inventory B Language: English. Brand new Book. Her body is discovered, strangled, and the police realize they are dealing with a serial killer who will stop at nothing to cover his tracks. On the track of a vicious killer, DS Ian Peterson doesn't realize he is risking the life of his young colleague, Polly.

Already established as a popular character in his own right, Ian appears in a supporting role in the first three Geraldine Steel novels. Seller Inventory AAT Her body is discovered, strangled, and the police realize they are dealing with a serial k. Book Description No Exit Press , Num Pages: pages. Dimension: x x Weight in Grams: Seller Inventory V Leigh Russell. Publisher: No Exit Press , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title When Henry's wife is stabbed to death, he pays a prostitute to give him an alibi.

Review : "A top-of-the-line crime tale and a five-star must-read. Buy New Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title.

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The House of Silk finds London frozen by a seemingly everlasting winter in Holmes and Watson are enjoying a nice cup of tea in b Baker Street when an agitated gentleman arrives unannounced. He mentions a scar-faced man has been stalking him and soon our heroic detectives find themselves in a case that stretches from the streets of London to the criminal underworld of Boston In Moriarty, Holmes is dead - he fell to his doom along with his nemesis Moriarty at Reichenbach Falls.

When a young boy discovers the body of a woman beneath a thick sheet of ice in a South London park, Detective Erika Foster is called in to lead the murder investigation The victim is a young socialite who had a seemingly perfect life, but when Erika connects the dots she realises this killing is very similar to the recent murders of three prostitutes.

Erika's last case went drastically wrong and contributed to the death of her husband. Will she be able to track down this killer before it's too late? Erika also tracks down a killer of single men who have very private lives; and looks into a case that spans 26 years. Linwood Barclay's Elevator Pitch is a psychological thriller that finds two seasoned detectives and a straight-shooting journalist facing a race against time to discover the truth behind the deadly acts of sabotage that are devastating New York City.

It all begins on a Monday when four people are involved in a tragic Manhattan office tower elevator 'accident'. At first it's seen as a horrific and random tragedy but then it happens again - and other high-rise buildings in the city are also at risk.

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As thousands refuse to leave their homes, commerce slows to a trickle and emergency calls to top floors of apartment buildings are left unanswered. But who could be behind all this? And just what does a fingerless body found on the High Line have to do with it? This is another pulsating page-turner from Linwood Barclay that will leave you breathless This collection includes eight stand-alone supernatural stories from Detective Roy Grace author Peter James. Prophecy finds a group of drunk students playing with a Ouija board they find in a dark and damp cellar; Possession is the terrifying tale of a young man who will defy even death to get what he wants; and Dreamer follows a woman who has had nightmares for the past 25 years.

They started the night before her parents died Deadly Deceit is a novel that reveals how pure evil can wear many disguises. It has Daniels and her partner DS Hank Gormley investigating one of the worst road traffic accidents in Northumberland's history. As the bodies build up, they come to realise not every death was accidental Killing for Keeps has two brothers from a criminal family dying within hours of each other, just five hours apart; and Settled Blood centres on a murder investigation which exposes half-truths and lies with every new revelation.

Follow Detective Inspector John Madden as he attempts to solve a number of tricky cases in Rennie Airth's three novels inspired by the Golden Age of crime fiction. In River of Darkness, it's and there's been a terrible murder at a manor house in Surrey. The victims have all been stabbed and the lack of disturbance in the house suggests the attack was one of terrifying speed. While the police force are ready to put the murders down to robbery and violence, Madden sees things differently - he's sure this is the work of a psychopath The Blood Dimmed Tide finds Madden on the trail of a killer who is a master of reinvention; and The Dead of Winter takes place in late when a young Polish girl who worked on Madden's farm winds up dead Set in the town of Plummergen, these humorous mysteries find retired art teacher Miss Seeton investigating all kinds of quirky killings.

Featuring 'a most beguiling protagonist' New York Times , they follow on from our previous three-book collection that delighted so many cosy crime fans. Throughout these books, Miss Seeton looks into a crime wave that has taken over her peaceful home village; finds herself accused of being a thief's accomplice; and investigates a potential killer at a tennis tournament.

Will it be a case of game, set and match? For fans of authors like M. Beaton, Rhys Bowen, L. This collection includes books in the Miss Seeton Mysteries series Format: paperback. Suzette A. Set in the s and '60s, this witty collection includes three addictive, clever and page-turning cosy crime mysteries from Suzette A.

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Hill, the author of the Francis Oughterard series. Rosy is reluctant, but finds herself heading back to Suffolk. When Rosy and Lady Fawcett arrive at their hostess's house, they are plunged into a series of bizarre and sinister events. Shot in Southwold finds Lady Fawcett eager to vet her daughter Amy's current beau as he films his first major project in the town. However, not all is going to plan and a female cast member is killed, leaving Rosy and Lady Fawcett at the centre of a murder mystery once again; A Little Murder is based in London and follows Sergeant Greenleaf as he attempts to solve the murder of a woman who was discovered naked and covered with a coal scuttle For fans of authors like: L.

Cold Sacrifice

With impeccable historical detail , the crime thrillers in Mamur Zapt author Michael Pearce's Dead Man series will have you hooked and guessing from the very first page. Apparently he'd been attempting to swim the Dardanelles Straits a passage between Europe and Asia heavily used by warships, tankers and cargo vessels in an attempt to repeat the legendary feat of Leander. At least that's what the Embassy is claiming.