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The progressive thermal metamorphism of Dalradian phyllites adjacent to a Tertiary basic plug is traced petrographically from the initial stages of breakdown of micaceous minerals to the eventual development, in places near the contact, of rheomorphic material of granitic composition and complementary highly desilicated ferromagnesian residues. Chemical analyses of unmetamorphosed and thermally metamorphosed country rock, granophyres, and desilicated residues, are used to illustrate the chemistry of these metamorphic processes and to suggest approximate temperature-pressure conditions under which they took place.

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Volume Pyrometamorphism of Phyllites by a Dolerite Plug D. Department of Geology, University of Alberta. Oxford Academic. Google Scholar.

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Cite Citation. This results in the formation of a large variety of minerals, many of which are metastable and are only found in pyrometamorphic rocks. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Free Preview. Show next edition.


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About this book Pyrometamorphism is a type of contact metamorphism sanidinite facies involving very high temperatures that may cause fusion in suitable lithologies at very low pressures. The book is aimed for the specialist but also for students and researchers looking for an introduction into pyrometamorphism. Show all. Table of contents 7 chapters Table of contents 7 chapters Introduction Pages Thermal Regimes and Effects Pages Quartzofeldspathic Rocks Pages Calc-Silicates and Evaporates Pages