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Which bikes are on your wish list? I love the Panigale and the EVO. I got a lot of opportunity to ride superbikes through Riderz Nepal too. How long have you been a member of Riderz Nepal and why? For 4 years now. I write reviews, articles and take pictures for the website.

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I am also a global moderator for Riderz Nepal. We have an intensive forum for discussion and talks regarding bikes. We also provide mineral water, first aid kits and walkie talkies for free during trips. We highly emphasize on riding safely. Roads are an ally to success but also a friend to danger. I just use common sense. Common sense such as always wearing a helmet, using the side light, using insulated full gloves and boots for traction, CE approved jackets, and guards.

Servicing your bike, and checking tires, fuel and other peripherals should be second nature.


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Niraz Giri, 25, is a KNK graduate with a degree in management. He is the global moderator for Riderz Nepal, a web portal for bike lovers with a singular vision. He is also a motographer and reviews bikes. Riderz Nepal organizes huge get-togethers for free with a turn up of around bikes. They are currently planning an ambitious bike trip from Mechi to Mahakali. To clean a laptop keyboard, simply turn the keyboard over and gently tap it several times for the collected dust to come out.

All rights reserved. It's families who get interested because their children are into off-road bikes. In the past decade, motorcycle sales in the United States have more than tripled, the council said, to 1. The pace has not been as frenetic in the last five years, but some makers are still reporting double-digit annual sales increases. Women are behind some of the industry's sales gains.

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Although women's motorcycle groups like the Motor Maids have been around for many years, women accounted for only about 5 percent of motorcycle sales a decade ago. Now the figure is 10 percent. The council has noticed other demographic shifts. In , some 23 percent of owners were "laborers or semiskilled," according to its statistics.

In , that figure was down to 7 percent.

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By contrast, professionals accounted for 19 percent of buyers in , but 31 percent in Some of that change is related to rising prices: a new BMW or Harley-Davidson can cost as much as a new car. But it also has to do with new thinking about motorcycling. Still, there is no denying that motorcycling remains a risky form of transportation. According to statistics compiled by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, there were 3, motorcycle fatalities in , up from 2, in On the basis of fatalities per mile traveled, it's roughly 25 times as dangerous to be on a motorcycle as is to ride in a car.

As sales grow, the image of motorcycling has undergone a makeover. Motorcycles have a strong presence in the popular culture -- whether in television shows like "American Chopper" or in motocross, the racing sport, on television and in video games. And popular traditional manufacturers like Harley-Davidson are also aiming to appeal to new riders.

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Some buyers are exploring exotic or lesser-known brands. Younger riders are being drawn to higher-horsepower sport bikes from makers like Suzuki of Japan and Aprilia of Italy. Other brands, like Moto Guzzi and Ducati, both of Italy, are drawing riders who want to set themselves apart from what has become a common sight in many towns and cities: large groups on Harleys out for an evening ride.

Amy Kraus, 41, of Lansing, Mich. Kraus said. Moto Guzzi may gain more notice in the United States as its new owner, the Piaggio Group, makes aggressive American marketing plans for it and its former owner, Aprilia. The couple has turned their love of motorcycles into a business. In , they opened the Alpha Training Center in Lansing and began conducting motorcycle safety courses. Kraus, 43, also works as a sergeant in the Lansing police force.

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The new face of motorcycling has been evident to the couple since they began teaching, Mrs. Kraus said, noting that 40 percent of their students, on average, are women.

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